Team: Mr. Joannes Costa, Director of Engineering

Joannes (Joey) Costa received the B.S. degree with Honors in Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics from the California Institute of Technology, and the M.S. in Electrical Engineering (Applied Physics) from the University of California at San Diego. His expertise in successfully managing and executing experimental research and product development programs spans a wide range of topics, including fiber optic telecom devices, fiber optic oil field sensors, ruggedized packaging design, high accuracy high density flip chip bonding, nano-waveguide CMP processes, high power diode laser systems and beam coupling, novel processing on silicon, complex optomechanics design and implementation, and rotational multilayer optical memory systems. He has in depth experience with a wide range of related technologies and systems, including optical fiber production science, nano-machining of exotic materials, polymer waveguides, nanopositioning systems, optically pumped MQW lasers, gigawatt and femtosecond solid-state lasers, optical modulation and detection, and advanced test equipment. He holds an issued patent on using wafer level CMP for high volume fiber optic device fabrication. He has been a consultant in the experimental fields of silicon photonics, optical proximity communications, high power opto-microwave systems, optical sensors, and microlaser technologies. He has as held senior staff and engineering director positions at several technology startup companies.