I*Sense® 64K-WB

 I*Sense® 64K-WB
Spectral Bands E, S, C, L and U bands switchable at high speeds (O band optional)
Number of Fiber Channels 64
Number of Sensors Per Fiber Channel 100
Sampling Rate 6,000 Samples / second
Strain Range ± 5,000 micro-strain
Strain Resolution < 0.1 micro-strain
Temperature Resolution < 0.05°C
Absolute Accuracy (±) < 1 micro-strain, < 0.1°C
Dynamic Range (SNR) 100 dB
Sensor Reach 10-50 km (band-dependent)
Optical Connectors FC/APC or E2000
Dimensions (W x D x H) 480 x 500 x 178 mm3 rack mount 4U
Weight <20 kg
Power Supply Voltage Universal 85 to 240 VAC
Power Consumption <100 W (incl. computer)
Interface Integrated PC
Software Windows 10
Operating Temp. Range 0 to 55ºC (-10 to 70ºC Optional)
Rating Commercial (optional Ruggedized version available)

The IFOS I*Sense® 64K-WB optoelectronic interrogator offers a cost-effective, high Fiber-Bragg-Grating (FBG) count, and high-speed solution for monitoring and control.

Key features & benefits of the I*Sense® 64K-WB product are:

The I*Sense® 64K-WB interrogator enables different sensing elements to be deployed on a single optical fiber for a mix of strain, temperature and other derivative measurements, including: vibration & acoustics (dynamic strain), displacement, tilt, pressure, chemical and biochemical measurements, to meet varying monitoring needs at numerous discrete locations. Customized sensors available upon request.

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