Team : David Krohn

Dr. David Krohn, Light Wave Venture, Photonics and Biomedical Sensor Industry Expert

David Krohn, who provides biomedical sensor marketing advice for MediFOS, has over 49 years experience in the photonics industry. He is the Managing Partner of Light Wave Venture LLC, which is focused on developing biomedical sensor telecommunications, and energy related business opportunities. He has assisted over 120 companies with activities in marketing, planning and management functions as well as technical input. In prior experience, he served as Global New Business Director for Photonics at 3M Company. From 1987 to 1998, he was the General Manager of the 3M Specialty Optical Fiber Business that included the Bragg Grating Technologies business acquired from UTC in 1995. He founded EOTec Corporation in 1979 that manufactured specialty fiber, sensors, cables, cable assemblies and data links. He was the CEO of EOTec until the business was acquired by 3M in 1987. A major focus in business activity has been in the biomedical market for both laser surgery and fiber optic sensor based diagnostics. At this time, he is also very active in many technical societies and teaches short courses in technology and business development at various Universities. He started and is the current chairman of the Photonic (Fiber Optic) Sensor Consortium which has more than 60 participating companies and organizations. As the photonics marketplace has radically changed in the last few years, he has worked with several companies to diversify into non-telecommunication markets such as military, homeland security (biochemical detection) as well as therapeutic and diagnostic medical applications including drug discovery.

David Krohn attended Rutgers University as an undergraduate (BS 1965). He obtained his MS from Case Western Reserve University in 1967 and his Ph.D. from Lehigh University in 1973. All his degrees are in materials science. He has written 6 books (4 on fiber optic sensors), over 60 papers and holds 27 patents relating to photonics. Much of the publication activity and intellectual property are related to biomedical applications.