Team: Vahid Sotoudeh, Director of Product Development & Programs

Dr. Vahid Sotoudeh, Director of Product Development & Programs
Dr. Sotoudeh received his PhD and MS degrees in Civil & Structural Engineering from Stanford University, and his BS in Structural Engineering from University of Illinois Chicago. During his Ph.D. research at Stanford, he studied and developed novel instrumentation and digital signal processing techniques for ambient and strong motion (earthquake) structural vibration measurement and analysis for system identification purposes. In collaboration with Stanford University and USGS, he organized and performed full-scale structural vibration tests on a series of buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area including buildings with unique suspended floor systems. In late 1980s he developed one of the first microprocessor-based strong motion earthquake recording systems and installed a 12-channel monitoring system in one of the structures at Stanford University. He has over 20 years of industry experience, at Seismotek, EIP Microwave, DSP Technology and Data Physics, working in the fields of digital signal processing, sound and vibration instrumentation, quality and compliance management systems development, project and program management, sales, operation, production and application engineering management. Dr. Sotoudeh manages IFOS’s programs and product development activities. He is also actively engaged in new business developments.