IFOS was formed by its current CEO and CTO, Dr. Behzad Moslehi, who graduated from the Stanford University Electrical Engineering Department, under professors Joseph Goodman and the late John Shaw, pioneers in the field of fiber optics who both served on the Board of Directors and/or Advisors over the years.  The company maintains strong ties to Stanford University, but also a number of other centers of excellence across the US and occasionally overseas.  Like many good Silicon Valley based companies, life started in a garage and as the company grew, IFOS moved from Mountain View to Sunnyvale and ultimately to its present larger location in Santa Clara, formed as Intelligent Fiber Optic Systems Corporation in 2001.

The company has developed pioneering, yet cost-effective optical fiber sensing system level products for the monitoring and control of temperature, static load, dynamic strain, acoustic emission and derived physical, chemical and biological measurands.  These systems are used in the maintenance and prognostics of critical high-value assets in very harsh and demanding environments, to 1000°C, 1 kBar and high radiation levels. In 2006, IFOS purchased all assets of venture capital backed San Diego based oil & gas company Oluma™.  At about the same time, IFOS began a series of collaborations on the development of optically sensorized/activated medical devices and fiber optic gyroscopes.

IFOS is continuously strengthening its management, business development, marketing, sales and engineering team and continues to leverage its experienced, multidisciplinary team of alumni, current professional staff and world class consultants to develop and commercialize new fiber optic sensing products and solutions to serves the needs of aerospace, energy and  medical devices markets.